Analyst Services

  • Overview
  • Merger and Acquisitions
  • Business Valuations
  • Private Placements
  • Sales and Divestitures
  • Research Publications
  • Structured Finance


Partnering with Nivika helps you add additional members on your team to quicken your delivery cycle and generate productive results along your transaction pipeline.

Core Functional tasks handled by our analysts include:

  • Financial modeling: including Backlog / Pipeline forecasting, modeling for market fluctuations and business sensitivity analysis
  • Valuation analyses: Deriving market multiples, determining public and transactional comparables
  • Transaction memorandums: Corporate Memorandums (CM) for Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As), Private Placement Memorandums (PPM) for Private Equity transactions
  • Candidate review: Identifying, screening and evaluating potential candidates for buy and sell-side engagements
  • Document preparation: Composing internal documentation - Strategic Overviews, Brief Sheets, Letters of Intent, Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), etc
  • Financial statement analysis: Creating and supporting analytics, models and tools used in financial statement analysis
  • Research: Corporate competitive assessments based on industry trends and market indicators
  • Business development

Merger and Acquisitions (M & A)

The M&A sector thrives in almost any economy, making it the most revered departments in I-banking. Our analysts interact directly, on a daily basis, with the Managing Partners and Associates working on several projects simultaneously. Our analysts have contributed to M&A work at different stages of completion along the transaction process including identifying potential candidates, due diligence, determining a strategic fit, etc.

We have helped close deals for both, public and private clients to meet strategic and financial goals by acquiring companies and forming partnerships.

Business Valuations

Analysts work with the rest of your team to prepare comprehensive valuation metrics and documents. An additional member adds a new perspective to the existing valuation methodologies to help ascertain valuations for businesses of your clients. Our team has worked on valuations for merger and acquisition transactions as well as for the purpose of private equity funding, restructuring, etc.

Private Placements

Some of the boutique firms we partner with help their clients ascertain capital requirements and raise equity financing in private markets. We help raise finance to change the capital structure as reflected on the balance sheet out your clients’ business, for internal growth and/or to complete merger or acquisitions transactions. This means our analysts are involved analyzing the client’s business strategy, identifying sources of financing and preparing preliminary valuations and documentation required to market the client firm to prospective lenders and investors.

Sales and Divestitures

An association with Nivika can help you maximize the process of helping your clients sell business units and/or divesting assets not aligned with their core businesses. This requires market knowledge and substantial financial analysis. Our analysts can work with your team to prepare Corporate Memorandums / Strategic Memorandums to invite offers from interested parties. We also help you research the market place and identify the best buyer to achieve a meaningful transaction.

Research Publications

Many of the clients we partner with, issue regular research publications, especially if they cater to specific industry segments. This helps them cover the related sectors and showing an in-depth knowledge and review of the sector helps win confidence of potential clients. Our analysts work with the Research team of such clients in addition to core corporate finance functions, thus helping meet the publication deadlines and procure more detailed analysis of the sector being considered.

Structured Finance

From the structure of new debt issues, refinancing of existing obligations, advising on debt market opportunities, analysts at Nivika assist clients during all levels of a structured finance transaction. Our services enable clients to achieve objective solutions with a concrete analysis of available alternatives.