Consulting Services


Nivika offers its clients consulting services in both, process reengineering and entry strategies. With nine full-time consultants based in the United States, Nivika allows clients on-site process.

Additionally, we have eighteen consultants in India who work with our client partners and the US based team, to key in on the most effective entry strategy for the client firm. We work with clients in varied business sectors.

Process Reengineering

Business Process Reengineering (BPR), simply put, is the transition of an existing business process into another, more effective and efficient process. A business process can be defined as a set of activities that helps the business convert inputs into an output (goods and/or services), which could be then used by another business or another process. The business process uses resources: labor and tools, to complete this conversion to an output.

A typical BPR model at Nivika would study and maintain effective changes in key components of your business: the existing strategy, the processes in place to implement the defined strategy, associated technology, the organization and its culture.

We achieve effective change by following a set of steps which comprise our reengineering model:

  • Understand and Define the Scope of the Project
  • Observe and Learn from others
  • Chalk out the proposed ‘Reengineered’ Process
  • Plan for change
  • Implement the New Process
The Nivika Way…

Nivika Consulting Services offers its customers the convenience of offshoring their business processes with peace of mind. The company has developed a unique methodology to migrate customer processes. In this, Nivika will map out the transition, examine the management complexity, identify the required infrastructure, examine cultural difference, if any, and examine political risks associated with outsourcing a process.

Our approach to consulting will consist of two distinct phases. On completion of these phases, we will have developed a comprehensive, systematic, and long-range view of resource management issues.

Examination Phase

Process Examination

Nivika examines all core and non-core activities with its clients to see whether there are processes at the client site which can be performed at an offshore location. Nivika will identify whether these processes involve low interaction costs, no physical interference and no feedback loops which demand physical presence.

Impact on Your Business

Nivika will examine your current cost base, check the likelihood of process automation, examine the degree of centralization and standardization for these processes. Putting these together, the total impact on your business from cost to customer satisfaction and retention are examined.

Identification Low-Cost Location

Nivika has the access and ability to source vendors throughout the world. There are a number of low-cost locations where processes can be off shored. Nivika will examine and report whether a potentially off shored process can be moved to a low cost location.

Process Development

The starting point of process off shoring is the most crucial step. Nivika's experience allows us to recommend to our clients where to begin in order to ensure success in the off shoring engagement.
This is done by identifying the existing need for business process transformation, finding a willing sponsor in the company and starting with pilot programs to mitigate risks.

Implementation Phase

Setting Targets

Nivika will help its clients set aggressive, yet realistic benchmarked targets. These targets are based upon Best-of Breed figures as well as internal performance figures.

Identifying Opportunities

This requires brainstorming ideas for process improvement and quality benefits for proposed changes.

Prioritizing Opportunities

This is based on ease of implementation and timing of expected benefits.

Plan to capture benefits

This requires development of a business case for improvement opportunities. In addition, developing pilots, measuring and tracking result allows Nivika to redefine pilot activities based on actual results in order to implement the final process.

Implementing Changes

Nivika participates in migrating the entire process with changes and monitors the results, ensuing in a thriving partnership with the client.


To enable successful implementation of a specifically designed BPR model, Nivika proves as a ‘one-stop-shop’ that provides a comprehensive set of legal, tax, accounting, off shoring, consulting and management assurance and business set up services. Our team of highly qualified consultants (both in the US and India), with expertise in these business areas, ensures that our BPR model is aligned to the client’s core business objectives.

Entry Strategy

Growing companies are looking at India as a potential market to sell their goods and services. Goldman Sachs predicts that India will become the third largest economy in the world behind China and the United States by 2050. Indian GDP is expected to increase at a compound annual rate of more than 8 percent during this period to $27.8 trillion (in constant 2003 dollars), surpassing the growth of each of the G8 countries and other major developing nations, including China. India’s U.S. dollar income per capita will also rise by 2050 to 35 times its current level, but will still be appreciably lower than these countries due to substantial growth in the Indian population expected over this period.

Nivika’s know-how of the Indian market; its ability to hire competent sales people and continuous investments in training these people has allowed its customers to extend their organization into the Indian market in a sustained manner without major investments and without losing control of their sales.

Nivika can help clients enter the Indian markets which may be an unfamiliar environment for the client. Having a trusted partner who can provide marketing and sales presence in a growing economy without large investments enables our clients to make the necessary investments into these markets in a sustained manner.

Once companies have a sales channel in countries such as India, they need to grow in the local market. These companies need understanding on how to setup their operations in India. This includes:

Concretize Business Plans
Identifying Opportunities
Prioritising Opportunities
Plan to Capture Benefits
Implementing Changes
Process Development

Nivika’s unique know-how, allows clients to gain knowledge of the legal and commercial options they have, how it impacts their operations in their country. Clients can make an intelligent decision with the help of a trusted partner.


The client sees a tremendous cost savings when it comes to evaluating their options and access to the best legal, finance and commercial advice available in India to setup and continue their operations in India. Our Entry Strategy solutions encompass business advisory and consulting services combined project management and support services. This gives invaluable guidance to any foreign company with interest in setting up its business in India, and aims at ensuring that our clients do not make any expensive and irreversible mistakes.