Why Nivika

Partnering with Nivika can help your business gain a competitive edge over competitors by providing:

  • Niche focus: Boutique firms support their clients with highly-specialized expertise focusing on a smaller number of industries, functions, or methodologies. This dedicated business model helps the gain a greater knowledge of the marketplace bringing measurable value to drive for growth. With this background, Nivika chooses to work with boutique firms, to help our analyst concentrate fully on the client’s business focus. Our association with boutique firms has thus proved symbiotic beneficial in the past: giving our analysts and enhanced role and our clients a competitive edge over competitors.
  • Qualified Analysts: Our analyst team holds degrees in Management, Finance and related fields.
  • Stringent Interview Process: Our analyst team is selected through a stringent interview process. Each short listed candidate is required to work on a sample assignment, typically based on the core processes of the firm they are being recruited for. This helps us identify the most suitable fit for our client firm. We ensure that our analysts demonstrate a good work ethic as client confidentiality is imperative given the nature of our business model.
  • Significant and Immediate Cost Savings: To have a number of very strong analysts and senior analysts in-house requires large budgets, bigger office spaces and more infrastructure
  • Offshore Location: Our business model provides an additional International location to add to the company contact page projecting a Global image for your firm
  • Decreased Time-To-Market: We enable 24 hour work-days hence reducing the turnaround times by leveraging time zone differences
  • Your management team can spend focused time identifying and evaluating market opportunities, interviewing the management of clients and candidates, implementing the final steps with a finalized candidate and following up on post transaction progress.